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                • GREEN GUANGYUAN


                • GREEN GUANGYUAN

                  GREEN GUANGYUAN

                With rich tourism resources of great natural endowments and strong characteristics, Guangyuan is one of the regions with the richest tourism resources in Sichuan province,and the best destination of ecological leisure, holiday and tourism. It boosts various famous historic and cultural sites and abundant natural cultural tourism resources, 40 national class-A tourism attractions including 1 national class-5A tourism attraction, Jianmen Pass, Jianmen Shu Path, 19 national class-4A tourism attractions including Huangze temple, zhaohua Ancient City, Tangjia River and Gucheng Mountain-Qili Gorge, with the total number of national class-A tourist attractions and tourist attractions of national class-4A or above ranking the top in the province.
                At the south foot of Qinling, as a transitional belt of the south-north climates, Guangyuan is surrounded by dense forest at a coverage ratio of 56.18%. It is an ecological barrier on the upper streams of Jialing River and enjoys high quality of air ranking top in Sichuan Province with the annual average days; water is also of high quality here, as evidenced by the large rivers of Jialing River and Bailong River with exit section reaching national level-Ⅱwater standard; annual average temperature remains around 16.1℃,annual average humidity 65% to 75% and annual average rainfall at 915mm. Tingzi Lake, Bailong Lake, Shengzhong Lake and Qifeng Lake constitute a gorgeous landscape of “Ancient Waterway of Shu for Thousands of years, Mountainous Gallery of Miles”. Citizens over 80 in the city total up to 48,036 and 57 are aged above 100. It is a place suitable for health preservation and retirement life in western China.
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